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Pond Shield Epoxy Coat

Pond Shield Epoxy Coat

Product Code: SR19
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Epoxy Pond Sealer SR19 - SH19

Pond Sealer SR19 - SH19 is a premium quality epoxy waterproofing coating used for potable water tanks. Colour blue. It is not water based. Once dried, it creates a barrier against water. It can be used to waterproof and repair fish ponds, as well as farm dams and water troughs. SR19 - SH19 has very high mechanical strenght. Two component; Mix ratio 2 : 1 by volume or weight. Consistency: Paste, easy to apply.

Can be used in slightly damp conditions, but it is preferable to make sure that the concrete is dry. It is very important to mix the the SR19 Resin with SH19 Hardener with the exact mix ratio. Durable and long lasting. Strong adhesive. Odourless when cured. Can be applied directly on cement, stones, brick, steel and aluminium. Concrete should be allowed to cure at least 28 days before applying SR19 - SH19

Can be multi - coated, while the previous coat is still tacky for best adhesion. Allow 7 days to cure at 25C

For potable water and fish tanks, allow SR19 - SH19 to cure for 7 days at 25 C or above, and then wash the surface with a detergent, to remove any traces of resin and hardener.

Surfaces to be painted should be sound, clean and dry. Do not dilute with water or thinners.

1,5kg Kit: SR19 (1kg) - SH19 (500g)
3kg Kit: SR19 (2kg) - SH19 (1kg)
6kg Kit: SR19 (4kg) - SH19 (2kg)

By brush. This is a two component system.
MIX RATIO: SR19 : 2 parts - SH19: 1 part, by weight or volume. Once the two components are mixed, the working time is about 30 minutes. Therefore mix only enough material that can be applied in 30 minutes. The hotter the ambient temperature, the faster it sets. Measure the correct amount into a plastic bucket and mix well for 3 minutes, scraping the sides very well. Make sure no unmixed material is applied. Transferring to a second bucket and mixing for 1 minute extra. Apply immediately. If the reaction is starting to accelerate, and the container starts to feel warm, apply as fast as possible. Pour the entire contents and spread it.

Not for sealing large overlaps or joints. Use SR10- SH10 in liquid form, with a membrane instead

1 to 1 m2 / kg. Depending of surface texture and porosity. Can be recoated.

Tough dry in about 12 to 24 hours, at 25 C. Hgher temp, faster drying time. As a two component system, it does not depend on humidity to dry.

To avoid any risk of spillage, always transport in a secure upright position.

24 months when stored at 25 C

Remove as much material as possible from the brush and bucket before cleaning. Clean with acetone. Dispose of excess paint or empty containers in disposable manner. Once reacted the material is harmless.

SAFETY: Keep out of reach of children. Wear rubber gloves. Ensure adequate ventilation during application and drying. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. If contact with skin should occur wash with warm water and soap. If required, use acetone. In case of contact with eyes rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice

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