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DIY Waterproofing TechFlex Flexible Cement - Screed 294 (for wooden floors) Prior to tiling



​Estimated 10 year durability.

Flexible Waterproofing. Professional Grade, Cementitious Compound. Heavy Duty continuous water immersion. High Performance Cement. Very high UV and harsh weather resistance.

This material does not need to be protected from UV. It can be left as is, or painted with a high quality acrylic paint.

Can be applied with or without membrane.

With Membrane: Roof ridges, boundary walls with cracks, waterproofing shower corners before tiling, repairs of metal gutters, zinc repairs with large gaps, roof flashing, where the roof meets the walls.

Without Membrane: Normal waterproofing of boundary wall tops, vertical wall grouting, showers before tiling. Roll - On version for large concrete flooring and roof tops. 5 L pack (8 kg) 5 L coveres 1 m2, at about 1 mm thickness for one coat. Apply 2 coats at cross - hatch, with a roller.

Mix Ratio: Resin 1 Part + 1 Cement Mix 1 Part. This is a thin mix.

Can be mixed with extra building sand to obtain a brick mortar - this can be used to lay the first line of bricks on a garden wall, above the paving level, to create a DPC barrier.


1.      1 L DIY KIT for small repairs. (500 ml resin + 500 ml cement mix). Covers 1 m2 (1 mm thickness) (or 4 running m along a boundary wall of 250 mm width.)

​2.      2 L DIY Kit ( 1 L resin + 1 L powder). Covers 2 m2 at 1 mm thick. Ideal to water-proof a 1 x 1 m sq shower area, applying 2 mm thick, The corners must be applied with a strip of membrane about 100 mm wide, running about 50 mm vertically up.

3.       5 kg (3 L) Professional Kit: 2 Kg Resin + 3 kg Powder.  Coverage: 3 m3

4.        5 L (8 kg) Professional kit: Coverage: 5 m2

Available is 5 colours: Grey, Beige, Red, Green and Pink

PRICES       VAT excluded    (Valid until 30 December 2019)

Pack Size             Retail           

1 L                         R 74,00          

​2 L                         R 131,00

​5 Kg (3 L)              R 245,00

​5 L (8 kg)              R 320,00     (Brush ON

5 L ( 8 kg)              R 328,00     (Roll - ON) Large surface areas)   

SCREED 294  

This is a flexible and tough screed plaster, to be applied in 5 mm thickness as a finishing screed in high rise buildings.

can also be applied over wooden floors, prior to applying tiles









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