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DIY Plaster Repairs Wet to Dry Epoxy and Easy to Sand Epoxy Repair Paste

Shore Crack TEK123 Epoxy Putty

Room temperature curing epoxy mortar and grouting compound for concrete. Thixotropic paste, two component epoxy system to be applied by spatula or trowel. Very high compression strength. Good adhesion to concrete. Ideal to repair concrete work, flooring and structural concrete repairs.


Shore Plaster LR52 - EH52 Wet to Dry Epoxy

A premium quality epoxy adhesive used to bond old concrete to new wet concrete. Can be used in damp conditions. Ideal to repair hairline cracks in the plaster prior to painting. Small defects on the surface of a plastered wall, can be easily repaired by applying this mix, then immediately patching with good quality plaster mix.

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