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DIY Floor Coating Pebble Paving (Pebble Velvet)

Advanced Resin Technologies, based in Johannesburg, offers a variety of floor coatings to suit you needs. Whether it be a primer, floor paint or a brick, stone or wood varnish our products provide the most resistant coatings with excellent adhesion

Pebble paving should be applied by experienced applicators but it can be applied by a DYI enthusiast with the correct technique.

Please go to for more information.

1. Apply 500 g/m2 of primer RE6 with 2% catalyst.

2. Mix 12,5 kg pebbles (1 full bag) with 1 kg RERE43W + 2% catalyst. Spread over the primer within 2 to 3 hours after the primer application. If it is a very hot day, use only 1,5% catalyst. And mix less quantity, say 500 g resin + half a bag of pebbles and 10 g catalyst. Spread evenly.

3. To make the steel trowel glide easily over the pebbles, clean it with a mix acetone / thinners (50/ 50). Use a rag or sponge.

4. When the pebbles are applied, use either RE43W as a further top coat if required. it must be applied very thin with a roller.

RE9M is pure acrylic to coat / varnish is used as a mainteance coat to give it s wet / shiny, two to three years later. RE9M is UV resistant coat. RE9M is may only be used once the RE43 is completely set, about 3 days after application of the pebbles. RE9M will dry almost immediately. Use a dry roller to apply one or more coats to suit. Coverage of RE9M: 250 g/ m2 up to 500 g/ m2

5. Pebble colours have to be matched to the required standard colours. Each batch varies slightly, and we have to make batch by batch.



RE9M is a pure clear acrylic varnish (single component) for brick, stone and wood. it has UV resistance and is very hard wearing.

Can be applied on driveways, brick walls (to bring out the colour). On fully cured concrete paving, garage floors. it it recommended that a maximum of three coats be applied on smooth concrete floors, as more coats maybe create a very glossy and slippery condition.

For wood, it can be mixed with 5% turpentine for the first and second coats. Standard 20 ml pigment bottles (solvent based) can be used to pigment this varnish. Normally 20 ml is added to 1L of RE9M, or less, depending what effect is required. By adding less pigment, and applying two or three coats, a more even coating may be obtained.

Price       (VAT excluded)  Valide until 30 September 2017

                Retail          Contractors

1 L          R 147,29       R 125,15

2 L          R 237,95       R 202,18

5 L          R 519,09       R 441,05

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