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DIY Epoxy & General Purpose Adhesives AR16 - Super glue - Windshield Repair Glue

Epoxy Adhesives and General Purpose Adhesives

General Purpose epoxy adhesive AR16 - AH16

G34 Super glue.

Windshield glue P42UV

TEK123 is a non - abrasive epoxy putty, 1 to 1 mix ratio.

Typical applications: Repair concrete, Metal, walls, balconies, statues, grouting for bolts and screws, concrete ornaments. Fix holes and cracks in the walls. Can be sanded and drilled without damaging instruments. To hang pictures, drill a pilot hole and use wood screws.

Packing: 250 ml Tek123A + 250 ml Tek123 B

Epoxy adhesives have the ability to adhere to a wide variety of materials. Their high strength, resistance to chemicals and environments, and their ability to resist creep under sustained load, epoxy adhesives are the most widely used structural adhesive.

Advanced Resin Technologies (ART), based in Johannesburg, have a range of general purpose and epoxy adhesives to bond wood skirting boards to plaster and concrete walls, bond wood, aluminium, stone and concrete. Scientifically proven to provide high strength, durablility and a long lasting bond. Our products also provide waterproofing properties.

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