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Product List

ART (Advanced Resin Technologies cc) in collaboration with Technoresin have been developing a wide range of waterproofing, coating and adhesives. (

Our SR87 Shore damp resin is a deep penetrating liquid which once fully soaked into concrete or brick creates a durable barrier against rising damp. This is a high technology product which can be applied with simple tools.

We have developed a unique range of two – component compounds for surface waterproofing, containing of paste consistency, with micro-fibres, as well as a liquid version for use with a membrane.

Most products available in the market are single – component, which react very slowing in the presence of humidity in the air. These products cannot be applied thicker than 1 to 2 mm, as they will solidify on the skin creating a gel – like material underneath.

In contrast, a two – component compound (resin and hardener) with a user friendly mix ratio of 1 to 1 or 2 to 1, can be applied to any thickness required. Areas which require extra thickness or reinforcing can be repaired properly in one coat, ensuring a long lasting solution.

Moreover, water-based products tend to contain a large percentage of water which results in a 30 to 40 % loss by weight within the first month of application, whereas our products are 100% solid, no solvents or water that an evaporate. What you buy is what you get and apply. A simple test will show that water based products will lose about 30 - 40% by weight after one month exposure in the sun – the thickness of the layer will be reduced by 30 - 40%

Our waterproofing parapet sealer FR14 Resin and FH14 Hardener is a unique compound which is elastic and very tough, with excellent UV resistance. It bonds strongly with concrete and steel.

For waterproofing arear with large gaps, FR5 Resin with FH5 Hardener is used in conjunction with membrane reinforcing fabric. This is used for flashings, parapets, and to repair gaps in steel roof sheets. It is an elastic and strong adhesive liquid.

Another very interesting product is LR52 Epoxy Resin with EH52 Hardener which is used as a bonding liquid between old and new plaster / concrete. This epoxy is able to set under wet conditions. It is applied to old plaster / concrete and the new plaster / concrete is applied while the epoxy is wet or tacky. This thin liquid is also useful to close hair – line cracks in plaster before plugging them with plaster. Poorly plastered walls can develop ugly cracks which can be closed with this bonding liquid.

Water Leaking Pipes can be repaired by wrapping them with a bandage membrane soaked in epoxy WTR4 – WTH4. This is a quick setting epoxy that sets under wet conditions. The bandage must be firmly secured while the epoxy is setting.

SR19 – SH19 Shore Pond is used to coat fish ponds and potable water tanks.

We also have a range of epoxy adhesives.
AR 77 Resin paste with AH77 Hardener (1 : 1 mix ratio) was originally developed to bond wood skirting boards to plaster walls. It is also a general purpose adhesive for steel, stone, tiles, concrete.

We have also designed an epoxy floor coating EF411G Resin with hardener EH16XF, used with Primer PL518A – PL518B. This is a high impact, easy to apply epoxy paint. By adding aggregate it can be used as a self – levelling flooring system.

Our Wood Restoration System LR3X – LH3X Primer with Epoxy Wood Putty AR25 – AH25 is a unique product in the South African market to repair and restore damaged wood.

Our Pebble Paving system is a very popular. We have developed a large range of colours. It is market under the brand Pebble Velvet. (


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