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Arts & Crafts Fast Cast PU - ArtGlo Clear Epoxy - Silicone

ART offers a wide range of ART and Crafts Products.

1. ART - GLO. This is a clear epoxy, with excellent UV resistance. Two components, very thin liquids, for optimum release of air bubbles. Used to make jewellery (using plastic or silicone moulds), coating of mosaic trays, ornaments, wood, etc. Packed in a box with 200 g Resin + 100 g Hardener. Available in bigger quantities.

ER161  1 kg  + EH161  500g      Total Kit R 450,00 VAT included  1,5 kg

2. ART - GLO Heat. This is a two component epoxy used to coat trays and coasters. Once baked at 100 C for 3 hours, it can take 100 C without deforming. Clear, and excellent UV resistance. Packed in a box, with 187,50 g resin and 62,5 g Hardener .

3. ART - COAT. Two component 100% pure clear Acrylic varnish. Very high UV resistance. For coating porous surfaces, such as wood, paitings, bricks, stone, and any other object or surface which is comptible with it.  Packed in a kit, with 200 g clear bottle. UV Resistant for paving bricks, stone and wood

4. ART MODELLING PUTTY. A two component epoxy putty, with a very long pot life (weeks). easy to model. Must be baked at about 100 to 120 C for 3 to 4 hours in order to set very hard. Strong, durable, but easy to sand and polish, once baked. The wet materials can be pigmented. Packed in 250 ml jar Epoxy Putty + 250 ml jar Epoxy Putty Hardener

5. Wood Restoration System. AR25 and AH25 are epoxy putties. Use to repair wood, but can be used to make small objects for carving. Pot life is about 30 minutes. Can be pigmented in its wet state. One set, it can be coated with ART GLO or ART COAT. Packed 250 ml AR25 jar + 250 ml AH25 jar, plus 2 x 50 ml bottles of primer (LR3X - LX3X, only used when repairing rotten wood fibres), plus 4 x 20 ml pigment bottles (Red, Black, Brown, Yellow)

6. Fast Cast Polyurethane SG95A - SG100B. A quick casting resin, 1 to 1 mix ratio, used to make ornaments, jewellery, etc. It allows a 3 minute working time, and can be demoulded in 20 minutes. F33 powder can be added to it, to reduce cost. Normally 1 Part SG89 A + 1 Part F33 AND  1 part SG89 B + 1 Part F33. by volume or weight. Packed in 200 g A glass bottle + 200 g B glass bottle.

PRICE:   SG95 A   R 175,00 / Kg (in 5kg) plus SG100B  R 95,00 / kg (in 5 kg)  Total Mixed Price  R 135,00 / kg ( for 10 kg)

7. Silicone Moulding Rubber PSR25 Food Grade Silicone. Working time 20 minutes. Packed in 1 kg PSR25 (1 to 1 Mix ratio) Thin casting liquid.

FOOD GRADE MOULDING SILICONE  R 256,00 / KG (in 500g A + 550g B  OR  1 kg A + 1 kg B)

8. Ready made silicone moulds for jewellery as well as self - releasing plastic moulds to make epoxy bracelettes, using ART GLO..

9. CR375 Resin with Flexible Epoxy  EH39 Hardener for decorative furniture mouldings



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