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Other Products

Technoresin is a manufacturer and supplier to the composites, electrical, construction, mining industries, among others.

We specialize in the custom manufacture and distribution of small to medium production runs for high performance composite materials such as epoxy laminating resins and gel coats, epoxy and polyurethane casting resins and adhesives.

Fibreglass mat and resins (both epoxy and polyester),

General purpose epoxy adhesive AR16 – AH16,

Flower Resin, Structural Adhesives (SM20) for plastic,

Aluminium and polypropylene (P74),

Swimming Pool Polyester Resins and Epoxy Pool Paint,

Paving Block Sealing PU resin (SR47),

Arts and Crafts Products (Silicone RTV25),

Clear resins for Jewellery LR151,

General Industrial Repair Epoxies, etc.

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