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About Art

Founded in 2000, ART has long been acknowledged as the respected name in the field of development and manufacturing of unique damp proofing materials and floor paving products. The company is the acknowledged leader in chemical damp-coursing throughout the RSA.

ART offers a range of products unique only in South Africa. At ART we pride ourselves on offering only top quality products manufactured at our Johannesburg site to our own exacting formulations.

We are committed to continually improving both our product range and service levels to ensure we can best service the demands and requirements of both existing and new customers.

Our Products

Rising damp control is used to to restrict water rising from the ground to prevent decaying skirting boards, crumbling plaster, discolouration and staining, decayed timber, peeling paint and wallpaper

Premium quality epoxy adhesive pastes with high strength.Ideal to bond wet roof sheeting, wood, aluminium, stone and concrete to provide waterproofing properties.

Premium quality epoxy waterproofing coating products. Ideal to coat concrete, roof tiles, parapet walls and corrugated roof sheeting, gutters and water tanks.

Premium quality epoxy floor paint. Excellent floor coating, glossy, fast curing, and flexible. Excellent resistance to abrasion

Premium quality epoxy mortar and grouting compound for concrete. Ideal to repair concrete work, flooring and structural concrete.

Regenerate rotten, spongy and damaged window sills, frames, structural and decorative parts, furniture, columns, boats, floors, wendy houses, roof trusses, etc.

Lastest Product


For shot hole borer and other insects. Don’t spray harmful chemicals around your garden or home.

PSHB Sticky Trap is a non – toxic , (mainly food grade ingredients) multipurpose, water resistant, non – hardening paste, which can be brushed directly on tree trunks and main branches to trap the PSHB borer. Kills by physical trapping.

Can be painted on any surface to trap flies, ants, termites, cockroaches, etc. It will deter mice by its stickiness. Can be painted on top of walls to discourage rodents from coming over the wall. Tree trunks may also be wrapped with “ cling – wrap”, closed with tape and coated with this paste. Can be used to prevent humidity ingress in steel or wood gate posts. To be applied as often as required, with a brush. Re-coat once the surface is covered with dust. You may coat some pieces of cardboard, drop some sugary syrup in the middle, and trap other annoying insects.

Paint brushes can be cleaned with any solvent. Gloves are recommended when using the product. Product classified as non – dangerous. Do – not ingest. Mild or non- irritating to humans.

These guidelines are offered for customer’s benefit only. It implies no guarantee of success. Customers must conduct their own tests to determine the suitability of the material for their own specific applications. No responsibility is assumed for results obtained, and therefore the manufactures, and distributors disclaim any damage or loss of any kind in relation to the use of this product. Refer to website for more information.

Packaging: 500 ml R 120,00 / 1 L R 170,00 / 2 L R 276,00 / 5 L R 630,00 Vat Included.

Courier delivery not included

Retailers welcome.

Advanced Resin Technologies cc (ART) Boksburg. Contact 066 4706154.

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